When Was Homework Invented And Who Did It?

Unending debate on whether students should do homework or not has always led to many questions. For example, who created homework and what his or her intentions. Also, why is doing school assignment such a big deal in academic circles? Moreover, whether homework is bad for students or offers them an opportunity to improve in academics has also become a major concern. You should also remember that with assignments, come the question of who invented school and why?

Well, while we will not delve into invention of school, the original of college homework is something that continues to generate ripples around the world. Let’s admit it. Students loathe assignments and may be for good reasons. However, when we walk down the memory lane, a realization that homework was invented for the good of learners may help change negative opinions toward it.

At this point, pause for a moment and ask this question: Which years was homework created? Let’s find out in the next sections.

When Was Homework Invented?

If you choose to explore the truth about homework, especially when it was invented, the name of one man stands tall: Roberto Nevilis. He is credited with invention of homework in 1905. His idea at the time was noble, and may have remained so in most academic institutions and countries today. But let’s question further. Is Roberto Nevilis an internet myth? Well, a German named Horace Mann is another person whose name always comes forward whenever invention of homework is debated.

According to history books, Horace Mann had a strong interest in 19th century education system, especially in the German state at the time. Alongside other key players in the education sector during his time such as Calvin Ellis Stowe and Henry Bardnard, they conceptualize the noble idea of homework. Horace also features prominently in the history of U.S education as someone who speared formulation of many education policies such as creation of homework. His involvement in the early stages of education and schooling, answers the question of when was homework invented.

Invention of Homework Has Never Been Without Controversies

With the invention of homework came widespread debate on its pros and cons. After assignments became popular, a ban was to be later enforced. According to several studies on the impacts of assignments on a student’s performance, there some homework restrictions were enforced. In particular, students younger than 15 years were exempted from homework. New sources like the New York Times published stories that asserted that assignments were detrimental to health of young learners.

For someone interested in the history of academia, you must have read about American Child Health Association. The association portrayed homework as child labour, a criticism that did not gain a lot of moment. They failed to recognize reasons why was homework invented, hence appeared to take a one-sided approach to the whole issue.

While the history of homework is replete with controversies, trading and countertrading of accusations, transformations it has brought about in the academic sector are worth noting.

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