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We understand that deploying Robotics & Intelligent Systems is not only about solving operational challenges

By providing unbiased business analysis, actionable intelligence and best practice models for companies employing Robotics & Intelligent Operational Systems (RIOS) technologies, Myria Research help business and technology executives increase operational effectiveness, thereby improving efficiency, developing competitiveness and driving business.

Much hypes are surrounding RIOS technologies: still, these converging technologies lack commercial leadersAs a matter of fact, the RIOS industry is still in its adolescence: a growing number of solutions, sometime scalable, but many blurry lines and new offerings.

The current double digits industry growth is relative, the ecosystem doesn’t beneficiate from a solid mid-term roadmap to rally on (and build around – exotic “solutions” are flourishing), and adoption is limited. New technologies with disruption potential are often pictured as almost self-generating demands and adoption, but this is a “romantic” vision: mass adoption of several standardized solutions requires the combination of much more including financial and business models adapted to existing and future demands, organizational transformations often driven by other technologies, but also by regulatory constraints.