CRO – A Rising Enterprise Function – 2017-2025 Scenario


About Payment and General Questions

How come you offer such a discount?

Very legitimate question and in fact there have been many brainstorming sessions in the background before we decided on the final package and pricing…

It started with almost a philanthropic mindset: “Robotics” is on a huge hype but not much is available to precisely anticipate corporate-wide adoption, the down-to-hearth vision professionals from different enterprise functions should develop, and most importantly how to build a realistic execution plan.
Well, this is what we have been working on for years now and we humbly believe that we have a quite unique expertise: in the grand scheme of things it is in our interest that robotics get beyond the buzz, we proudly participate in the growth of this industry, and not trying to “educate” as professionals as we can would be like shooting ourselves in the foot.

So the heavy discount is partially meant to not make the cost of our service a potential challenge but we have to pay our bills though, we wish but we can’t give it away for free (like anyone!). Also, this offer is strictly limited in time as it wouldn’t be sustainable for us to permanently maintain it.

I only discovered your offer just now… and the offer is long gone. Can I benefit from this offer as a standalone favor?

This package will be strictly discontinued on July 19th, sorry… Unless you could only get access to this offer that late because of a highly important personal reason (then please contact us – We’ll evaluate requests on a case by case basis), we won’t be able to do this favor and standard pricing will apply.

What is your refund policy?

Given the specific nature of this limited offer, we do not provide refund. However, please speak up if you are not satisfied by this service, we will do everything we can to change this perspective.

Is there another way to pay, or is it only by credit card?

Our regular partner ( has recommended Gumroad as a safe and efficient solution to secure credit card payments and we never had an issue with this platform before: you will be transferred to the Gumroad secure portal to process the payment.
However, we understand that some people either won’t want or can’t use a credit card to get this package: not a problem, we are flexible and virtually accept all standard types of payment.

Please contact us on and we’ll figure out a solution!

About the Remote Consultation

Can I invite additional participant to the Remote Consultation?

Generally, this offer is valid for a single user. However, we will apply a fair usage policy and accept a limited number of participant as long as they are part of the same organization and collaborating directly with you. If you have a doubt please contact us (

Who will I talk to during the Remote Consultation?

You will talk with Myria Research and affiliated experts. We can’t guarantee who will take care of the call depending on the number of request we receive, but you will be notified about who your interlocutor will be prior to the consultation call. If you have a mandatory request, please submit it ( and we will do our best to accommodate you need.

What if I can’t disclose much about my context, or even nothing at all?

This is not ideal but fine and we understand it, we’ll do without it by applying insights and data from similar companies as yours. Alternatively we would be happy to enter a short term NDA to ensure higher value delivered.

Is there any preparation requirements for the remote consultation?

Ideally, we suggest you read the 2017 CRO Research and send us some general background information prior to the call. But there are no specific preparation requirement on your end.

About the Custom Guidance Document Delivered

What is the delivery format for Custom Guidance?

The custom guidance we will create specifically for you will be delivered using PDF format. In most cases it will be slides or text paragraphs, unless you request otherwise (and it doesn’t create unreasonable complexity for us).

Expect 4 to 10 slides depending on the situation, or 2-4 pages. Usually Delivered 10 business days following the Remote Consultation call.

Can I share the Custom Guidance document?

Fair usage policy applies: it is fine to share this document internally and with a handful of people directly working with you, but you can’t share it more broadly. If you require a specific license (to add it to internal library, publish it, etc) simply contact us and we will explain our pricing and limitations.

About the CRO 2017 Enterprise Scenario Document

Can I share the CRO 2017 document?

Fair usage policy applies: it is fine to share this document internally and with people directly working with you, but you can’t share it more broadly. If you require a specific license (to add it to internal library, publish it, etc) simply contact us and we will explain our pricing and limitations.

Please note that quoting the document with proper attrition is possible but we require that you let us know about it.

What if I have question beyond the consultation call and the recommendation document?

Simply contact us on and we’ll be happy to help!

A Package Crafted With You in Mind...
Remote Consultation

Regardless of your function and level, the adoption of CRO as an enterprise function capitalizes on a variety of  expertise, navigating 3 key business drivers (Financial / Operational / Organizational), and managing top level expectations for tangible outcomes will be as challenging as mitigating risks.

This one hour consultation will be primarily leveraged to explore your current and near term entire context, discuss initial options, prerequisite as well as constraints. 

Custom Guidance

Based on the remote consultation and generally delivered within 10-15 Days: we will customize recommendations for you to take advantage of the CRO function agenda and create unique value add.

By customization, we don't simply mean taking into account your company environment: it is also about making sure that we deliver something that resonates and that is highly usable. Flexibility will be our key word.

The "CRO - Enterprise Scenario - 2017-2025"

We can only urge that you absorb the content prior to any decision regarding your upcoming remote consultation

Complimentary Original Enterprise Scenario (2015)

From multiple independent feedback, over 80% of the content of this 2 year old document is still largely valid and up to date

2025 Projections For The Robotics Market

Estimated Size Of The Robotics Ecosystem ($b)
Fortune 500 Integrating a CRO Function
Average Yearly Budget For CRO Function ($m)
New Market Leaders Created

2025 CEO’s Expectations For Robotics Impact

Integral to Dynamic Costs Optimization Initiatives
Leadership Over Strategic Business Process
Near Perfection Productivity Enablement
New Market Leverage


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