Expertise & Coverage

We defined concepts that enabling the "businessification" of the Robotics & Intelligent Operational Systems market (Robotics as a Service, The Chief Robotics Officer, etc), and that have proved to deliver tangible business outcomes over hype: while our technological assumptions are forward thinking, they remain realistic and are the reflection of near term advancements both in terms of availability and integration potential.

In addition, we leverage proprietary methodologies directly inspired from our enterprise scenarios and vision for the market, this is about moving from theory to practice.

Our model provides specific tools and expertise to support clients through all phases of the growth cycle: from developing a pipeline of growth opportunities to evaluating and prioritizing those opportunities to formulating and implementing go-to-market strategies to ongoing monitoring.

SOLUTION PROVIDERS: Getting a Chief Robotics Officer perspective
  • Adjusting messaging according to organizations' maturity regarding robotics technologies
  • Accurate positioning to create the base for long term business relationships
  • Align offerings with priorities and supporting significant business improvement initiatives
CORPORATE USERS: Integrating a Virtual Chief Robotics Officer to your Organization
  • Balancing technology and business imperative to create a vision for the enterprise, but also a midterm strategy as well as an execution plan
  • Remain up to speed with offerings realities
  • Internal resource mapping, requirement evolution assessment
  • Process and procedures review and enforcement