Capabilities Structure

Services enabling value delivery for a variety of situations

Demand Generation

Before revenues, there is the demand. To generate demand, companies must first increase awareness – whether of new products, price promotions, service promises, or any number of other key differentiators: how to design messages that resonate with customers is therefore a question of paramount importance.

Organizational Transformation

To adopt new groundbreaking technologies, and this is particularly true with robotics technologies, a company’s challenges can often be attributed to underlying issues that affect productivity, information-sharing, or culture. Organizational development, and eventually the creation of a dedicated Chief Robotics Officer function, can help a company maximize its effectiveness and efficiency while ensuring its strategic goals are met.

Scenario Planning & Execution

A custom scenario exercise anticipates an organization’s long-term focus upon a set of possible market variations and then translates it into nearer-term initiatives, synergies, and performance measures. It supports alignments with markets’ demands over time and translates an organization’s growth ambition into a reality.

Innovation Excellence Management

Investing well in technology -and particularly robotics technologies- and innovation will increasingly define an organization’s future success.  Beyond investment, however, organizations must routinely commit to innovation.

Market Intelligence

Our Market Research integrates five pillars into a complete, overall view of factors that impact every “robotics-intensive” industry: Analyzing Competitive Intensity: Customer Dynamics | Industry Convergence | Future Business Models | Emerging New Market Segments

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