Demand Generation

Demand Generation


For vendors of robotics solutions, or services providers, or even dedicated “enabling technologies” suppliers, before revenues there is the demand. To generate demand, companies must first increase awareness – whether of new products, price promotions, service promises, or any number of other key differentiators: how to design messages that resonate with customers is therefore a question of paramount importance.


Hot Topics
  • Tailoring content to meet the needs of customers with diverse technical backgrounds, at different points in the buying cycle, and through multiple platforms
  • Understanding how the state of the robotics market and ecosystem affects real demand generation beyond a PR buzz
  • Prioritizing establishing service or technological expertise over closing deals


Our Approach

Our integrated marketing & go-to-market solutions help clients plan and implement a comprehensive demand generation program, which includes several unique marketing tactics for driving tangible business outcomes:

  • Strategic Content Development
    • Product Positioning – Review of collateral, sales deck, advertising, and marketing messaging.
    • White Papers/Executive Briefs – Documents designed to leverage both brands for sales executives, targeted audiences, or thought leadership-focused, including short and long papers.
    • Case Studies – Company or solution profiles, benefits analysis, and objective results analysis.
    • Webinars – Online sessions, branded and hosted by our clients on topics, market issues, product dynamics, and case studies.
    • Custom Content – Newsletter or website articles or executive presentations.
  • Product/Service Launch Efficiency Program
    • “Growth Hacking” Packages – Let us take the guesswork out of how to launch your product/service by building out a focused strategy for success.
    • Product Launch as a Service – We take care of virtually all aspects of creating your sales funnel